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The Grand Dame of Fashion and Jewelry / Jackie kedvenc ékszerei

Jackie Kennedy (Onassis) had the most classic sense of style and jewelry. Camrose & Kross is an American jeweler who has replicated Jackie's original jewelry pieces in the Jacqueline Kennedy Collection. I loved hearing about the stories behind the jewels and was pleased to hear many of the pieces were adorned with Swarovski crystals.

 Winter Crystal Pendant
The Bouvier family's history in the United States dates to 1815, when Michel Bouvier originally settled in Philadelphia. His son, John Bouvier, increased the fortune on Wall Street, where many Bouviers would leave their mark. Jackie's grandparents both lived at the peak of Bouvier wealth. This suite of jewelry, which Jackie wore for her debutante ball, where she was voted "Deb of the Year," was passed down to her through this great American family.

 Grand Tour Necklace
Unquestionably one of her favorite pieces, Jackie wore this unique seven-petal design necklace set everywhere; set with the finest Swarovski Austrian crystals and deep sea blue enamel. Jackie's mother, Janet Bouvier, had the enhancer added to allow her to clip the brooch to any necklace. She also had the art deco-style chain made to match the brooch.

 Lioness Necklace
Aristotle Onassis, who enjoyed giving Jackie Greek-style jewelry, presented his wife with this necklace in 1969. The necklace was placed on Jackie's breakfast tray one morning while the couple was sailing aboard Onassis's world-famous yacht, the Christina. Hmmm, better than oatmeal. Jewels, the breakfast of champions!

 Charm Bracelet
Like many teenagers, Jackie began a charm bracelet with some of her favorite charms. There is a  large round charm with the figure of Hercules on one side and the Latin words Non Sumptus Labora Est on the other. Apparently, when JFK once remarked to company on how hard Jackie had been working on his campaign, she replied with this Latin saying which means "labor is no cost." He later gave her the charm as thanks for her efforts, adding the tongue-in-cheek Hercules.

Floating Pearls
Another favorite set of Jackie O's, this floating pearl bracelet looks as fashionable today as it did back in the 1960s.

 Triple Strand Pearls
Jackie wore triple-strand pearl sets frequently. You could slap this on and wear it tonight!

 Turquoise Necklace
In 1962, Jackie set off for India with her sister on an "unofficial" state visit where she wore this necklace/bracelet howlite stone set while greeted by throngs of citizens everywhere she went.

The turquoise necklace is peeking out here as she's riding an elephant in India. True elegance!

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